I love great Art; Especially the hard work and dedication that artist put into their work. This piece speaks for itself. Not only for its unique color & textures, but how artist such as Briah Neale can transform a picture and make it so realistic through color & paint. I am such a huge fan of Beyoncé & now a fan of the artist who has such great talent. Meet Briah Neale, an Artist from Baltimore, MD who has receives tons of recognition for her painting of Beyoncé; even from Beyoncé herself. This is such a blessing not to mention a Hugh accomplishment. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.  I know big things are in store. You can find Briah art work on her twitter @adorabriah or follow her on instagram @adorabriah. What you guys think? How does Art speak to you?
The Original Photo
Meet the Artist Briah Neale…Follow her on twitter & Instagram @adorabriah

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