Those of you that’s been following my blog from day one know that I do not do a lot of Make-Up post. Simply because I don’t wear make-up often. So why fake like I care about it LOL!!! Clothes are my first love, but I do put on a little lip gloss or eye make-up from time to time. Anyway! I wanted to write about this product called MARK simply because I am a big advocate of not wearing too much make-up. I hate to see women with make-up on that looks like they took a paint brush and painted their face. I love a natural look that makes your skin look flawless. By any means am I getting paid to promote this product (I wish I was:-) I just had to share a product that’s not heavy on the skin. MARK is good especially if you have sensitive skin like myself and you don’t want all your pores clog up. Below pics are the finish product of me wearing MARK & the descriptions of the products I have on. Let me know your thoughts? What is your MARK?

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