Happy New Year everyone!! I’m sitting at home watching this movie (I won’t say the name), let just say this movie has touch me, it gave me the inspiration to write this post. Love…War…Fashion. How does this come to play you ask? Watching the movie showed how love and war is challenged to the point where you will do anything to fight for it. Love you sacrifice, cross any obstacles to get back to your foundation. War you will battle anyone to serve, save and protect. Fashion tell the story through your garments. Fashion is the symbol of the story, a story of your obstacles. Think about it!! When you put your outfits together, it tells a story of your day, a story of your personality, who you are and what you are willing to stand for…. LOVE…WAR…FASHION!!! This movie was so touching that each garment posted here today tells a story of Militant, Captured, Black smoke and Break free…


Black smoke


Break free
 Tell Your Story!!!
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