There is a new sweet in town and it’s called Les Cinq Amandes. Les Cinq Amandes has been around since 1988 creating the best artistry of chocolates, almonds and custom made favors around the world. I had the pleasure to try their delicious candy and I love it. Each unique flavor comes with its own custom box and/or ribbon which is custom design to your needs. This is a great gift for wedding, parties, and events. Since I had the pleasure to enjoy I want you to have the same experience. Les Cinq Amandes has giving me the privilege to give my readers a chance to enjoy their unique flavors and elegant designs. If you visit their site, they are giving my readers a 10% off discount using discount code: Holiday 10 by clicking on the link here. Once you visit and taste the experience give me your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

Crazy Clusters

Petite Pistachio

Signature Gifts


Sponsor Post c/o Brand Backer & Les Cinq Amandes

Photos c/o Les Cinq Amandes


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