As we continue to approach our most dreading winter months of December and January. A woman still has to come out in style.  This season’s most popular and my favorite outerwear is cape coats.  They are so chic and stylish; you can wear it with almost anything. Cape coats have been around for years alone with other trends in fashion. While the other trends are just that “A Trend” a cape coat is forever and always be an everlasting fashion statement. How do you wear your cape coat?
Here are a few ways you can switch up the look when wearing a cape coat. It can be a classic look or your everyday casual look. Either way you’re still fashionable! :-).

Victoria Beckham

Where to shop for an affordable cape coat to fit your budget for the holiday season; I found one for you for just under a $100. Love me now, Thank me later! LOL
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