Choosing the Perfect Summer Dress for Your Shape
Even though it feels like it might never stop raining, summer really is just around the corner. That means that if you haven’t already, you need to start thinking about your summer wardrobe and what you’re going to wear when the sun does eventually come out to play.
There are some summer classics that you simply can’t do without. One of those is the summer dress. Whatever your shape and style preferences, a summer dress is perfect for so many occasions throughout the season. From cocktail parties to weddings to summer BBQs, pick the right dress and it will work for every occasion.
All things bright and beautiful
This summer, the word coming from the design houses is color. Bright colors and big bold patterns are definitely in. Try and pick a color that suits you and then work with it. Accessories are also in, so team it with a bag, some jewellery and a hat for the ultimate summer look.
One look that always works in the summer is the maxi dress. These are big dresses that have a big impact. But don’t be afraid to stand out. Long and flowing dresses are really good for any shape, as they have certain elegance to them. They’re also great for disguising some of the bumps and lumps that might still be hanging around after the long winter.
A name you can really trust
One name you can really trust to deliver on dresses is Berketex. They have been making great dresses for years and know exactly what’s going to look fantastic on all shapes and sizes this summer. With bright colors and stylish patterns, this summer’s collection is set to stand out.
Even better is the great value that they offer. You can pick up beautiful summer dresses for less than fifty pounds, meaning you can really build up your summer wardrobe without breaking the bank. Good news for you and your bank account. It also means that you can get a few dresses in different colors, so you can create loads of different outfits.
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Photo Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana 2010 Summer Collection

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