ABF soldiers Charity and Pandora team up to help loved ones
ABF The Army Benevolent Fund recently announced it’s partnership with Jewellery maker Pandora in support of British servicemen and women both currently serving in active duty and that have since returned and require support dealing with physical and mental injuries, or need financial help integrating back into civilian life.
The ABF or ‘The Soldier’s Charity’ as it is more commonly known, has been operational since 1944 and has become the British Army’s national charity. Originally set up to ease the pressure on Regimental charitable funds following the demobilization of soldiers after the Second World War, the ABF has provided financial and practical support to both active troops and veterans in helping them with a variety of needs.
Pandora has really shot to prominence over the past few years, becoming extremely fashionable amongst women, with their bracelets and charms being bestsellers in the UK. The idea is that you purchase a bracelet and over time collect as many charms as will fit on the bracelet. Each charm is designed to signify a particular meaning that can be related to your life, so your own Pandora bracelet is customized by you and represents you.
When asked about the partnership with ABF, Pandora’s President of Western Europe Peter Andersen stated “It is a very relevant and important cause; one we know is hugely meaningful for lots of our customers”, going on to add “We hope that the charm will become a symbol of pride and celebration for the British Armed Forces”.
Martin Rutledge, Chief Exec of the ABF said on the partnership “We are delighted that Pandora has chosen ABF the Soldiers’ Charity to represent the many courageous, touching and heart warming stories of the Army family. We’re proud, as always, to represent our beneficiaries and supporters through this partnership”.
Following a huge increase in demand the ABF are looking to raise more funds than ever before and are looking for new ways to raise awareness and therefore money for their operations. You can do your bit by purchasing a Pandora BRITISH ROSEcharm to add to or start your collection. With 15% of the proceeds going to this more than worthy charity, you can have your very own keepsake to remind you of the life threatening tasks these people undertake to keep our country safe.
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