I had to do a swimwear post representing the curves of a fabulous woman. You know the size the fashion world is scared to talk about. I would have post this yesterday but I got sleepy :-).  Size does not defined beauty, but how you carry your beauty defines your fabulosity.  You do not have to be a size 4 to look that much more, a size 6 to get that perfect fit or a size 8 to catch that date. But you can be a size 10 and look fab in anything, a size 12 and still be that bomb shell, a size 14 who dress just as well or a size 16 and be just as confident & beautiful in EVERYTHING!! Yeah, I think that sums it up. Which look is your favorite?


Photos Courtesy of Monif C; Awarded Best Plus Size Designer. She definitely know how to treat a woman’s curves. Check out her website

8 Replies to “Don’t Be Fool by the Curves That I’ve got, I’m Still a Beauty from the Block…Swimwear Trends for women with curves!!!!”

  1. Now, not that I'm hating, she's gorgeous, but why do they choose the people that still have that hour glass figure. Can the people that have a more rounded stomach pull off these looks or be proud of their size when the people that want to say love your curves only pick one type of curve?

  2. Monif C make looks for all sizes & shapes. Yes, she may have an hour glass figure, but could she wear a two-piece w/o the high waist NO! Look at it from where the designer is bringing to the table for all curves and not just one. How do you know her stomach isn't round or a person with a more round figure couldn't wear this look, you don't and that is what Monif C is bringing to the table. How to minimize the less flattering to flattering. Think about it. Thanks for your stopping by &commenting.

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