Hey Guys,

I was looking on my myspace page that I haven’t been on in ages and I came across a video I styled in 07′ and I thought I would share with you guys. This was my first video as well as my first opportunity to style in a video. I was so excited and grateful. It’s not your typical large budget video, but hey we all have to start somewhere.   My client was the beautiful Desiree Michelle. She is the leading lady in the video wearing the foe fur coat :-). I did 3 looks for her, I would go into details and tell you everything she wearing but this was so long ago I really don’t remember, but what I do remember most of the pieces were found in local thrifts stores and MY CLOSET…LOL!!! Hey when your working with a low budget you make it work and create miracles. The one thing I can say it taught me a lot and the best experience ever.  So take a look Prime ft. Freeway “The Streets is Ours” and let me know your thoughts…………..


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